About us

Limited Liability Company "PP Komerccentrs" was founded in 1993 as an enterprise specializing on goods declaration on the "Meitene" customs office. Basing on the acting at that time Customs Code an authorisation to declare goods was received. Nine declaration points were opened on the Latvian borders with Estonia, Russia, Belarus and Lithuania at 1993 to 1994. After Latvia acceded European Union in May 2004, due to liquidation of customs borders our declaration points remained on Latvian-Russian border, Tyerekhov and Grebnev customs passing.

In 1998 "PP Komerccentrs" has received a customs commercial agents permit and general customs guarantees, which gives a right to grant clients ten days postponement to customs duty payment and VAT. Enterprises employees have completed education in the International Economic Connection and Customs Institute and have received customs specialist certificates, which give the right to be an intermediate party between customs and clients.

In 2007 "PP Komerccentrs" has commenced to grant services in international transportations.




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